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Each of us is at a different point in our dry eye journeys. For your convenience, we have asked each respondent to tell us what stage they are currently in. 

I have dry eye, but with some simple standard treatments it doesn’t bother me beyond a mild annoyance.

I have had dry eye before, but now it’s worse and I find it affecting my daily life much more, so I am scrambling for new information and solutions.

The impact of dry eye on my life feels out of control right now, physically and/or emotionally.

It’s hard, but I am feeling more in control and I feel that I am able to access the help or support or solutions that I need.

Dry eye still impacts my life quite a bit, but at this point it’s mostly down to a routine. If I do the right things, I’m OK, and I’ve come to terms with what I can and can’t do.

I’m one of those lucky few. I’ve been symptom-free for quite some time now.