about dry eye stories

Over a year ago on a long car ride that wasn't supposed to be about business we (Aidan and Rebecca) first envisioned collecting dry eye stories.

We were inspired by the potential of personal dry eye stories to help to establish hope and empowerment for patients and a counter-narrative to conventional medical interpretation of patients' experiences. With our various interests in oral history, patient advocacy, and collecting data, we envisioned a website packed with your photos and your stories that would highlight the specific realities of patients – with the intention of documenting adversity, resilience, and resistance. All too aware of the silence, depression, and quality of life changes dry eye causes, we hope our collective voices will help to demystify the often invisible lived realities of those living with dry eyes. 

This website is hosted by The Dry Eye Foundation.

If you have benefitted from the stories shared here, or from sharing your own, please consider donating a little something to help us keep this going. Thank you for your support. We appreciate you!


The Dry Eye Stories Team

who we are

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Rebecca Petris


Aidan Moore


Aidan Moore is a third-year history major at Pomona College from Poulsbo, Washington with an interest in abolition, social justice, and revolutionary history. The visionary for this project, he sees oral history as a powerful way to counter institutionalized medical narratives with subjectivity and lived experience. He designs and maintains this site along with editing and receiving submissions. Currently, he is secretary to The Dry Eye Foundation. 

Aidan has worked for The Dry Eye Company for nearly three years. Recently, as time has permitted, he and Rebecca have explored new patient advocacy futures with an emphasis on empowering and bringing together patients. 

Rebecca Petris, founder of The Dry Eye Company in 2004 and now The Dry Eye Foundation in 2018, has been advocating and writing for dry eye patients ever since she developed dry eye and eye pain from LASIK eye surgery in 2001. She runs several websites including DryEyeZoneDryEyeTalk, and now DryEyeStories, along with a newsletter called KeratoScoop. She also runs Facebook groups for dry eye patients and users of scleral lenses or PROSE devices. In recent years, she's been engaging more actively with how eyecare professionals relate to dry eye, by representing patients in efforts such as TFOS DEWS II (a major international medical consensus project) and participating in research projects that aim at a better understanding o dry eye patients' needs.