Living with Dry Eye; No Cure

I have had dry eye for over ten years. No makeup, contacts, or fragrances since day one. Went to lots of doctors in every field to try to find the cause. No defined answer.

Treatment: 4 plugs that dissolve in 90 days. Regular plugs will not stay in.  

Lacriserts twice daily.

Lotemax one to two times per day.  

Shower twice per day as the moisture helps relieve the dryness.

I tried most available treatments, but most did not help.

I am by no means healed, but things are manageable.  

After years of pain, misery, depression and potentially losing everything professionally and mentally, somehow I made it.

I rock my coke bottle glasses, wear no makeup, and bounced back to an amazing promotion and maintain the position in front of a computer 8 plus hours per day.  

I had the pleasure of talking to many on The Dry Eye Zone. Most memorable was Lucy.

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